About Our Classes

We offer following classes:
1. Intro/Beginner level 1 to Partner Salsa and Salsa Rueda: only as series & private (no drop-in)
2. Beginner 2 to Intermediate : Salsa Rueda as drop-in
3. Intermediate to Advanced: Casino partner dancing & Suelta as drop-in
4. Afro-Cuban & Cuban Dance workshops featuring Cuban master teachers

Cuban-style Salsa is relaxed and improvisational, not formal, and has much more body movement, including elements which were the roots of modern day Salsa, such as Afro-Cuban Rumba, Son, Mambo and ChaChaCha.

We are non-intimidating, friendly, and fun.  We offer drop-in and series classes in Cuban-style Salsa from Beginner to Advanced levels. We also offer the opportunity to shine on the dance floor and perform.

You do not need special clothing. No street shows, no flip flops, and no shoes which leave black marks, please.

No partner is required! Just show up, dance and have fun!

We are using Cuban and Miami style vocabularies and techniques of Suelta, Casino Partnering and Rueda de Casino. The three major types of Cuban-

style Salsa are commonly known as:

body movements and open work also known as Suelta (dancing “released” from a partner, by yourself, incorporating popular dance steps, fancy footwork and body styling to salsa music).

partner dance moves also known as Casino in Cuba (partner dancing emphasizing the circular Cuban style with open breaks and rotating turns). These moves are great for any Salsa dancer.

fun group moves also known as Rueda de Casino or just “Salsa Rueda” or “Rueda” in English versions (is group dancing with two couples or more, with hands linked, weaving patterns, and the special fun dynamic that comes from moving together).


We offer great discounts for students, and multi-class discounts.
Please check out our Holiday schedule because the community center is closed on certain days or we travel to study more dance and music.

We are looking forward dancing with you!

Con una bulla!

Chris & Jessica