Jose Francisco Barroso

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Afro-Cuban Rumba & Orisha Dance Workshop

with Jose Francisco Barroso

Sunday, July 20, 2014
418 Project
418 Front Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Open to all levels!

Two classes. 1st hour  2pm, 2nd hour 3:30pm.
Short break between classes.

$15 one class, $24 two classes.
(cash only, no coins). Tickets at door

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Class description

Afro Cuban Rumba and Orisha dances illustrate the essence of all Cuban movement and will enhance your salsa style, freestyle ability, and flow!

The first class will introduce students to the three types of Cuban rumba: Yambu, Guaguanco and Columbia. Rumba is the root of salsa and this class will show you how to achieve those cool moves on the dance floor by learning to synchronize your body movements with the poly-rhythmic patterns of the music. The focus begins with the core movements of the feet, hips, and torso in order to allow you to recognize and flow with those signature Cuban dance motions.

In the second hour students will be introduced to the explosive and subtle movements of the sacred Orisha dances (Yoruba deities). This class will explore the basic steps of Orisha dances such as Elegua, Ogun, Shango, Yemaya, and Oshun. Develop your coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness, and enrich your knowledge of Afro Cuban culture as Barroso explains the individual characteristics of the Orisha and demonstrates how those attributes manifest in Barroso


Born in Havana, Jose Francisco Barroso’s childhood was enveloped in Cuba’s rich artistic and spiritual environment. At a very young age Barroso was dancing the popular Cuban styles of son, casino, rueda, and rumba and he describes these movements as a symbol of the vibrancy of the Cuban people.

Barroso was mentored by director Juan de Dios in Cuba’s preeminent Compania Folklorica Raices Profundas and rapidly began his journey and career in the Afro-Cuban dance world.

Barroso has been honored with the Isadora Duncan Dance Award for individual dance performance and has been the grateful recipient of various grants and awards, such as California Arts Council Artist-In-Residence Grant, ACTA Living Cultures Grant Program, and numerous others. Barroso has held residency positions at several universities and colleges such as Stanford University, California State University Sacramento, San Jose State University, Humboldt State University, San Francisco State University, New College of San Francisco, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Laney College, and Mills College and continues teaching extremely popular classes for children and adults in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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