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For private classes and events 

We are specialized in teaching private Salsa dance classes with over 20 years experience.
We teach Cuban-styles “Salsa” dancing as partner (Casino), in groups (Rueda) or alone (Suelta). This is different to Ballroom dancing.
Our classes are fun, non-intimidating and very informative. We teach easy moves to shine on the dance floor. We also recommend music and will help you getting to know the Salsa community.
We can come to your house or we can rent a room. Rental fees for the room will be added. There may be some additional cost for driving depending on how far away the location is.

Private class/event (updated June 2022):

Within Santa Cruz area, the fee is as follows:
– 1 to 2 people: $75/hour
– 3 to 4 people: $100/hour
– 5 to 6 people: $125/hour
– 7 to 8 people: $150/hour
_ larger groups: contact us.
The fee typically includes two great and experienced instructors and we provide the music if requested.
Current students who visit our drop-in classes will receive a discount of 25%.

Additional Fee:
Rental fees for room may apply. These fees may depend on the venue and day.
We will add an additional fee if class is outside Santa Cruz. This fee varies from how far we have to drive ($20 to $50).

For parties and events 

Fees range from $200 to $400. For a small home event, we recommend about 1.5 to 2 hours, including 2 dance instructors, sound system and music. Large events for a full evening, with a performance, can be arranged.  We have a great music collection, so you won’t need a separate DJ. We adjust to your needs!

Contact us to talk about your goals.

See bios of our skilled instructors in “About Us”